Q: Do tattoos hurt?                                                                     

A: Yes

Q: How much do tattoos cost?

A: Tattoos are individually priced, based on the complexity of the design and the time required to complete, as well as the placement of tattoo on the body.  We Do Not  quote pricing over the phone .

Q: What is a shop minimum? 

A: A shop minimum is the least amount we will charge for a tattoo. This covers the cost of all supplies used in the process of tattooing, sterilization, and the time taken to perform them. Our shop minimum is 50$.  

Q: Do I have to bring in a design? 

A: No. We design and draw every tattoo for every customer.  

Q: How do i get a tattoo? 

A: First come in for a consultation. We will discuss your idea and conceptualize with you, at which point we will quote and estimate, and take a deposit. Tattoos under 400$ require a 50$ non-refundable deposit. Tattoos costing over 400$ require a 100$ non- refundable deposit. Your deposit covers the time spent designing and drawing your tattoo. It will be credited towards your last sitting, thus drawing is free. (Unless you do not show up for your appointment)

Q: What forms of payment are accepted? 

A: We accept cash and credit. NO CHECKS ACCEPTED